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Our Unique Process Ensures Fewer Distractions and Less Work On Your End

You save a ton of time and barely lift a finger to receive an incredible website

You receive the website super quick (in 20 days)

We promise an experience that you'll love instead of dread

“Our methodology is designed to reduce your time and effort required to complete the project.”

Campbell - CEO

Our web development projects are split into 5 stages:


The Vision Board


Website Content




Final Deliverable


Post Deliverable Support

1. The Vision Board

It's time for us to get our hands dirty!

The vision board is a visual representation that is used to convey the overall look, feel, and aesthetic direction of your website. 
This document starts by introducing your brand along with images and other visual elements that will serve as inspiration when creating your website. 
These images help us to establish the visual style and design direction. It communicates the intended mood, atmosphere, and emotions that the website should evoke.
We then provide 3 template options which will form the foundation of your website. Keep in mind that this will serve as the foundation only and we will make plenty of changes to create your one of a kind website.
In short, this document aligns our design team with you, to avoid any major headaches down the road.
TIME ESTIMATE: 2 business days
WHAT WE DO: Create the Vision Board Deliverable
WHAT YOU DO: Choose your preferred template

2. Granting Access and Website Content

Now we’re gaining some momentum!

You grant us access to your hosting and website backend so that we can create your new website.
While that’s being done, we will answer a series of questions that demonstrate our understanding of your business.
We do this instead of asking you to fill out the questionnaire so it takes less of your time. We want this process to be as little of a burden as possible, however, we are not perfect and your unique experience and insights would be appreciated.
TIME ESTIMATE: 2 business days
WHAT WE DO: Draft your website content
WHAT YOU DO: Grant us access to your website backend and provide feedback on our content questionnaire answers

3. Receive your First Draft

Let's bring in the nerds! 🤓

Our team of miracle workers will work day and night to build your website in record time!
Once it’s ready to deliver, we will provide you with a link to the site, along with new tabs in your Project Hub for you to easily provide feedback.
TIME ESTIMATE: 8 business days
WHAT WE DO: Deliver a first draft of your website
WHAT YOU DO: Provide feedback and change requests

4: Final Deliverable

We can see the finish line!

Upon receiving your feedback we will then implement the changes into the website, refining here… Polishing there…
We’ll then run a final series of bug tests and add in the SEO components along with any additional plugins.
And just like that, it’s ready to unveil to the world!
We’ll share the login details for you to access your site, we’ll then bow, and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.
TIME ESTIMATE: 8 business days
WHAT WE DO: Refine the website into its final form
WHAT YOU DO: Celebrate and show it to the world

5. Post Deliverable Support

We tweak and refine to make sure it's perfect

After we’ve handed over the keys it’s normal for there to be minor changes or tweaks to a website.

Don’t worry though, we’ll support you with edits or changes for 30 days to ensure you truly love the end result.
WHAT WE DO: Support website changes to ensure the website meets your expectations
WHAT YOU DO: Keep us in the loop of any feedback/changes you’d like to make

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