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How has the world been changed with 5G ?


5G is yet one of the most potent creations on this planet, taking us one step closer to the possibilities we imagined a few years ago. The world is talking about 5G today. The global tech leadership is so invested in this latest technology that it leaves everyone with great curiosity.

Was introduced in 2015, but we’re still years away from mass adoption. After the COVID-19 strike, this super-fast technology is gaining momentum, and it is also predicted that by 2025, over 3.6 billion of the global population will get a 5G connection.

What Is 5G?

Fifth Generation or 5G is the updated version of the 4G network and the latest technology standard for the cellular networks that run on wireless technology. The 5G technology is said to be 100 times faster and more efficient than 4G. This recent technology offers great connectivity, low latency, and has optimized transmission capabilities. As we speak, innovations like artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud services, e-health, augmented reality, etc., are becoming successful because of the leaps made with 5G technology.

What Makes 5G Different?

The ability to connect rapidly and reach every corner makes 5G different from the previous generation mobile networks. Here is how 5G is changing the world today.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is the next big thing in the tech world. It will make our lives easier than we think right now. For instance, suppose you entered your office and remember that you forgot to turn off your AC at home. 5G technology, when integrated with IoT, can control your devices from a distance. So, you can turn off your AC even while sitting in the office. This comfort is only possible because of the super-efficient cellular connectivity. Thanks to 5G, we can control our electronic devices from different areas,

Automation Technology

Talking about automation is only a dream if we don’t refer to 5G. Only because of the uninterrupted and unbeatable speed that 5G provides can we make automation a reality in our daily lives. Usually, technologies like automation and artificial intelligence require the highest frequency internet connection to run, which is what 5G provides. Self-driving cars and automated manufacturing machines are the most prominent examples of 5G’s magic we enjoy today.

Enhanced Network Connectivity

It is all about speed. Working from home or traveling can be frustrating with slow internet. The 4th generation network provides results within fifteen to thirty milliseconds, while 5G promises are as fast as one millisecond. That means, without buffering, you can plug into any service from any corner of the world.

Summing Up

According to Forbes, 5G is a more sustainable network than the previous generations because it uses less energy, leading to less carbon footprint. However, we are awaiting much scientific data and research on 5G. For now, experts have predicted that the global market of 5G can reach up to $249 billion, which means that this has the potential to be a goldmine for telcos.



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